WHO Collaborative
Project Task Forces

Building on previous collaboration over the past 10+ years, the OIA will support the strategic objectives of the WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023via the three agreed-upon collaborative projects listed below.  The OIA will also continue to support WHO on an ad hoc basis as requested.

WHO Task Force #1 – Updating Benchmarks in Training for Osteopathy

Stated Project:  OIA will provide technical inputs and contribute to updating the WHO Benchmarks for Training in Osteopathy

  • Dr. Boyd Buser, Chair
  • Dr. Jane Carreiro
  • Dr. Kendi Hensel
  • Mr. Michael Mullholland
  • Mr. Philippe Sterlingot
  • Ms. Hanna Tómasdóttir

WHO Task Force #2 – Update on the Global Profession (Global Survey)

Stated Project: OIA will conduct a five-year update of the Global Survey of the Osteopathic Profession to track professional growth worldwide since the survey’s previous iteration in 2013.

  • Mr. Charles Hunt, Chair
  • Ms. Ana Paula Ferreira
  • Dr. med Frank Mueller
  • Dr. Kendi Hensel

**The current survey, completed in 2020, is available here.**

WHO Task Force #3 – Glossary of Osteopathic Terms

Stated Project:  To support WHO in developing WHO terminology in Osteopathy, which will serve as a reference tool for the WHO, osteopathic organizations, and regulatory authorities worldwide. This terminology will be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary.

  • Dr. Rebecca Giusti, Chair
  • Dr. John Garlitz
  • Mr. Antony Nicholas
  • Ms. Laura Lee Kamppila
  • Dr. med Johannes Mayer
  • Dr. Deb Schmidt
  • Mr. Francesco Cerritelli