WHO Collaborative Project Task Forces

Building on previous collaboration over the past 10+ years, the OIA will support the strategic objectives of the WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023via the three agreed-upon collaborative projects listed below.  These projects will be initiated during the period of 2018-2021.  The OIA will also continue to support WHO on an ad hoc basis as requested.

WHO Task Force #1 – Benchmarks in Practice

Stated Project:  OIA will contribute to the development of benchmarks on the practice of osteopathy to serve as a reference guide for countries developing regulations of the profession.*

  • Dr. Jane Carreiro, Chair
  • Dr. Boyd Buser
  • Mr. Stephen Hartshorn
  • Mr. Michael Mullholland
  • Mr. Philippe Sterlingot

*After further conversations with the WHO in mid-2019, the OIA will update the Benchmarks in Practice of Osteopathy document first, to reflect the changes in the field since the original document was published and to properly reflect both streams of the profession.  Benchmarks in Practice may be developed at a later date.

WHO Task Force #2 – Update on the Global Profession (Global Survey)

Stated Project: OIA will conduct a five-year update of the Global Survey of the Osteopathic Profession to track professional growth worldwide since the survey’s previous iteration in 2013.

  • Mr. Charles Hunt, Chair
  • Ms. Ana Paula Ferreira
  • Dr. med Frank Mueller


WHO Task Force #3 – Glossary of Osteopathic Terms

Stated Project:  To support WHO in developing WHO terminology in Osteopathy, which will serve as a reference tool for the WHO, osteopathic organizations, and regulatory authorities worldwide. This terminology will be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary.

  • Mr. Antony Nicholas, Chair
  • Dr. Garlitz
  • Dr. Rebecca Giusti
  • Ms. Laura Lee Kamppila
  • Dr. med Johannes Mayer
  • Dr. Deb Schmidt