Board Nominations

Each year, the OIA holds elections to its Board of Directors to replace the Directors who are completing their terms of service. This election will be held at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 11 June 2022.  The OIA has appointed a five-person Nominations Committee to carry out the board election process. 

The OIA calls on its member organizations to nominate new candidates for board membership.  This is a volunteer position that requires a considerable time commitment from the individual, as well as support by their employer to make this a priority volunteer activity. This representative should possess a global perspective, be actively involved in the osteopathic profession, and be able to provide leadership and knowledge to an international osteopathic membership organization.  

Three (3) seats on the Board of Directors – two allocated and one at-large – will be filled at the June 2022 AGM .  Board member terms, typically three-years (3), begin immediately following the OIA’s AGM. The allocated seats in this election is reserved for the two largest full member organizations (AOA and the iO) from their respective countries, and will be filled by that organization’s designee, according to the bylaws. The Full membership organizations will fill the other at-large seat by ballot, from the approved nominees.

Board of Director List of Competencies 
Every potential Board candidate must be nominated by a current OIA member organization.  Candidates must also maintain a high ethical standard in representing and serving the OIA and the international osteopathic community, possess high integrity, and uphold professional conduct.  In addition, inividuals must meet the following criteria:
  • Enthusiasm and willingness to work and provide leadership for the OIA.
  • Expertise in the osteopathic profession.
  • Knowledge and support of OIA programs.
  • Ability to help build consensus and be a team player.
  • Experience working productively with the OIA staff.
  • Understanding of commitment required:
    • Understanding of time commitments and support of employer, family, etc…of the necessary time commitments.
    • Consider the OIA one of your priority volunteer activities.
    • Any perceived or potential conflict of interest identified and plans made to resolve if necessary.
  • Previous membership on an OIA committee, sub-committee or task force (recommended but not required)
  • Expertise in the following areas would be helpful to add value to the OIA Board:
    • International, multinational or global experience.
    • Membership or knowledge of similar organizations.
    • Experience with strategic planning.
    • Experience in the osteopathic academic community.
    • Evaluate plans based on realistic assessments of the future.
    • Demonstrate the capacity to innovate and assess the adequacy of resources to implement plans.

The individual nominated must take an active role and contribute to the continuing growth and success of the OIA.  As an international organization, the OIA seeks gender balance in its leadership to better present the varied perspectives within the osteopathic community.  The OIA strongly encourages the nomination of female candidates for positions on our Board of Directors.

Nominations are now closed.