What Is the OIA?

The Osteopathic International Alliance is the leading organization for the advancement and unity of the global osteopathic profession. As an “organization of organizations,” the OIA unifies osteopathic medicine by connecting schools, regulatory bodies, and regional, national, and multi-country groups.

The OIA launched in June 2003, when 34 individuals representing ten countries and seventeen organizations traveled to Chicago, Illinois, USA, to attend the First Invitational Conference to Organize an International Osteopathic Association. Affirming the importance of uniting the osteopathic profession worldwide, the attendees incorporated as the Osteopathic International Alliance in the United States in December 2004.

In July 2005, the OIA held its Inaugural Conference in Washington, DC, USA, with forty-five attendees from nearly a dozen countries, representing more than thirty different international organizations. 

In 2018 the OIA was admitted into official relations with the World Health Organization and is the primary international organization advocating for high-quality osteopathic healthcare and the leading representative of osteopathic professionals worldwide.  

Today the OIA represents 74 organizations from 21 countries across five continents.