OIA Member Events

The OIA posts these course/meeting notices as a courtesy to our member organizations.  The OIA has not reviewed the content or accreditation of these courses, and these postings do not constitute any specific endorsement of or approval by the OIA. 

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Ontario Federation of Osteopathic Professionals

EventMaster Clinician Certification in Integrative Osteopathy (M.CCIO)

This is an advanced practice course designed to expand the clinical skills of the manual Osteopath with emphasis on anatomy, palpation, and the effective treatment methodologies that will bring results.   

Dates:  March 14, 2021-March 12, 2023


EventDiscover Advanced Osteopathy: The Path of the Master Clinician (Free lecture)

Discover advanced techniques used by Andrew Taylor Still, MD, Dr. Sutherland, and Dr. Fulford to evaluate and treat the biogenic fields within the human body.

Dates:  March 28, 2021

To register visit www.osteoed.com


Russian Osteopathic Association

EventOnline Open Osteopathy Congress

Modern tendencies in health restoration and maintenance. Evidence-based osteopathy: objective assessment of the subjective approach.  The plenary session on June 11 will be held in three languages: Russian, English and French.

Dates:  June 11-13, 2021