World Osteopathic Healthcare Week

WOHW 2023:  April 17-23

Stay tuned for more on WOHW 2023!


IOHW 2022:  April 18-24

International Healthcare Week (IOHW) brings together the global community of osteopaths and osteopathic physicians to celebrate our shared philosophy of mind-body-spirit, and to educate patients, the public, and regulatory authorities.  This year’s theme is:

 Moving, Soothing, Grooving

How did we choose this theme? Because:

  • OSTEOPATHY keeps you moving
  • Soothing touch of OSTEOPATHY
  • OSTEOPATHY helps you find your groove
We have developed some materials for our members’ use – please feel free to use these to develop your organization’s specific message and/or to share on your social media, website, and newsletters. Included are some pictures to promote the upcoming week following the “moving, soothing, grooving” theme.

Materials for IOHW 2022 can be found here.

We look forward to celebrating the week with you!



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