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International Osteopathic Healthcare Week: 16-22 April, 2017

The OIA is looking forward to its fifth annual International Osteopathic Healthcare Week. In past years, organisations around the world have promoted the osteopathy field through public events, social media campaigns, press outreach and other advocacy activities.

The OIA wants to assist your organisation in participating! We have shared some resources here that you might want to promote to your patients, colleagues and interested others.

Is your organisations planning an event, promotion or outreach? If your organisation has a video, flier, event announcement or another IOHW update, please let us know. We’ll share it and promote it to celebrate and advance the profession.

Check back here for more updates soon!

2016 International Osteopathic Healthcare Week Member Activities

  • Follow the activities of the Alberta Association of Osteopathic Manual Therapists on Facebook. The AAOMT created an informative video about osteopathy to help promote the profession.
  • The American Academy of Osteopathy promoted NOM Week in the U.S. and IOHW globally through Twitter, Facebook and staff email signatures.
  • The American Osteopathic Association had a full week of activities planned for their National Osteopathic Medicine (NOM) Week, including social media campaigns and images and resources to share with the public.
  • Watch the Canadian Federation of Osteopaths short animated video on osteopathy for back pain.
  • Osteopathie Quebec posted a daily testimonial about the impact of osteopathy. Follow OQ’s efforts on Facebook.
  • Osteopaths New Zealand’s “We’ve Got Your Back and the Rest of You” campaign can be found on Facebook.
  • Follow Osteopathy BC’s (also known as the SPMPO) activities on Facebook and Twitter.
  • The RBrO (Brasilian Register of Osteopaths) promoted the profession via Facebook and Twitter with OIA IOHW posters and OIA information cards.
  • Verband der Osteopathen Deutschland (VOD) e.V. created an “I am an osteopath because” competition to engage their members. Follow the activities of VOD on FacebookTwitter and their website.

Please notify us about your organisation’s involvement in IOHW and your media and public relations exposure, so that we can share and expand the impact of the week worldwide.

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