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The OIA welcomes new members from around the world.

A membership application includes several different components. First, all applicants must complete the membership application form in full. In addition, a liability form and an application fee of US$100 must be submitted. (For details, see the final two pages of the application form.)

All applicants must also submit

  • A letter on your organisation’s letterhead requesting membership in the OIA,
  • Mission, goals, and bylaws (in English, with certified translation), and
  • The number of members currently in the organisation.

Full & associate applicants must attach the following materials:

  • An organisational and staff profile (including membership numbers, distribution, type of training, educational criteria, number of staff, etc.)
  • Legal authority (federal, state, or provincial laws) by which your organisation is registered/accredited
  • Annual report (if available)

Partner applicants must submit the following additional materials:

  • A letter on your organisation’s letterhead requesting membership in the OIA
  • Mission, goals, and bylaws
  • Information about your organisation, including membership numbers, type of training, degree awarded, educational criteria, etc.

All materials should be in English, whether in the original or accompanied by satisfactory and certified translation.

All applicants should submit materials to the OIA secretariat via email (to oia@osteopathic.org) or post (142 E. Ontario, Chicago, IL 60611 USA). Upon receipt, the secretariat will forward all materials to the board for review. Applicants may expect official notice of a decision within six to eight weeks.

OIA New Member Application 2017 (doc)

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