Photo Gallery

May 2023: OIA Leadership Meeting with WHO Officials, Geneva, Switzerland

March 2023: Board of Directors Meeting, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2022 AGM & Conference, Helsinki, Finland

2019 AGM & Conference, Bad Nauheim, Germany

2018 AGM & Conference, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


OIA Leadership Meeting with WHO Officials: May 2018


September 2017: Auckland, New Zealand

March 2017: Board of Directors Meeting, Colorado Springs, CO

September 2016: Anaheim, California, USA

March 2016: Board of Directors Meeting


September 2015: Montreal, Canada


October 2014: London, United Kingdom


January 2014 (2013 Annual Conference): Austin, Texas, USA


2012: Paris, France


2011: Potsdam, Germany


2010: San Francisco, California, USA


2009: Sydney, Australia


November 2008: Chicago, Illinois, USA


January 2008 (2007 Annual Conference): London, United Kingdom


2006: Schlangenbad, Germany

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