Mission, Vision & Strategic Initiatives


To ensure that every person worldwide has access to high-quality osteopathic healthcare.


To encourage systems of education and regulation that will ensure high standards for safe and effective health care from osteopaths and osteopathic physicians.

Our Core Values

  • Uphold the stewardship of osteopathic philosophy and practice
  • Acknowledge and respect both streams of osteopathic healthcare
  • Encourage and support collaboration
  • Uphold transparency and integrity
  • Embrace altruism and person-centeredness
  • Commit to good governance and accountability to ensure organizational sustainability


Strategic Initiatives

Access to Care

The OIA will facilitate patient choice by:

  • Informing and engaging national and international healthcare authorities to provide access and eliminate barriers to osteopathic care for their citizens
  • Providing responsible, accurate and transparent public communication about osteopathy and osteopathic medicine 

Capacity to Serve

The OIA supports global collaboration and commitment to osteopathic:

  • Professional organization development and improvement
  • High quality educational standards and delivery
  • Research to inform best practices
  • Standards, regulation and legislative recognition distinct to the profession.