2022: St. Petersburg, Russia

Join us in Saint Petersburg for our 2022 Annual General Meeting and Conference.  Thank you to member organization, the Russian Osteopathic Association (RoSA) who will be our local hosts.  

When:  June 11-13, 2022

Where:  Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge

Conference Program:

June 11, 2022

3:00-5:30 PM:             OIA Annual General Meeting

5:30-6:30 PM:             Welcome Cocktail


June 12, 2022

9:00 AM:         Opening Session and Welcome (Plenary Session)

                        Mr. Dmitry Mokhov (RU) and Ms. Ana Paula Ferreira (BR)

9:30 AM:         10 Years of Osteopathic Research _ What We know Now That We Didn’t Know Before and How this Knowledge Informs Our Professions Going Forward  (Plenary Session)

                        Dr. Amie Steele (AU)

10:00 AM        30 Years of Osteopathy in Russia: Experience in the Approval and Regulation of the Specialty  (Plenary Session)

                        Dmitry Mokhov (RU)

10:30 AM:       Break

11:00 AM:       WHO Project:  Update to the Benchmarks in Training

                        Dr. Boyd Buser (US)

11:30 AM:       Scientific Research as an Integral Part of Osteopathy

                        Dr. Yulia Potekhina (RU)

12:30 PM:        Lunch

2:30 PM:          Developing Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Osteopathy in Canada: A Review of the Process

                        Catherine Cabral-Marotta (CA)

3:30:                WHO Project: Glossary of Osteopathic Terms.  Update and challenges

                        Dr. Rebecca Giusti (US)

4:15 PM:          Day 1 Wrap-Up, review of following day schedule, social dinner logistics

                        Ms. Ana Paula A. Ferreira (BR)

7:30 PM:          Social Evening (Optional) – A dinner cruise along the Neva River and Gulf of Finland


June 13, 2022

9:00 AM:         Experiences of the Medical Regulatory Authorities in the United States During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Plenary Session)

                        Dr. Humayun Chaudhry (US) and Dr. Sarvam TerKonda (US)

9:30 AM :        Research Communities to Develop Evidence-Based Models of Osteopathic Research  (Plenary Session)

                        Dr. Jorge Esteves (UK)

10:00:              Training of Osteopaths in Russia – A Systematic Approach and Joint Work of Educational Organizations and Professional Associations  (Plenary Session)

                        Elena Tregubova (RU)

10:30 AM:       Break

11:00 AM:       An Overview of Osteopathic Regulation in Europe

                        Hanna Tomasdottir (DK)

11:45 AM:       Nordic developments in osteopathy- stronger together

                        Ms. Laura Lee Kamppila (FI) and Mr. Tomas Collin (NO)

12:30 PM:        Lunch

2:30 PM:          TBA

3:15 PM:          Tools to Assist Regulatory Advances Across Member Countries

                        Dr. Frank Mueller (DE)

3:45 PM:          Member hot topics – open discussion

4:15 PM:          Wrap-up, conference close

                        Ms. Ana Paula A. Ferreira (BR)


Will you need a visa?  Check here before you go!

Please check this page frequently for updates on the 2022 AGM & Conference.  Visit the Russian Osteopathic Association’s conference website here.